Who we are

Cyber4Health is an initiative of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, in collaboration with Cyber 4.0 Competence Center, that aims to collect and classify all the available information about cyber or physical vulnerabilities of medical devices.

Nowadays, physicians and patients can use their smartphones to control and monitor implantable medical devices (IMDs) with wireless connectivity. Moreover, many on-site medical devices are connected to the hospital network giving rise to the concept of smart-hospital. Such connectivity expands the devices’ ability to fulfill healing and diagnostic capabilities, but at the same time exposes it to cyber-threats

A cyber attack could allow access to sensitive patient data and, in the worst-case scenario, endanger the patient’s life. Despite this, no regulation currently imposes cybersecurity as a mandatory requirement to place medical devices on the market.

Our mission is to raise awareness on this topic to encourage the introduction of Security by Design requirements for medical devices.

What we do

RESEARCH any available information about both cyber incidents in the healthcare sector and cyber vulnerabilities, demonstrated or not, affecting medical devices.

COLLECT the data discovered in a database.

CLASSIFY AND VISUALIZE the data stored in the database to make them available and easily understandable.



Raise awareness of healthcare professionals to avoid cyber incidents.


Update medical device manufacturers on the latest discovered vulnerabilities.


Keep patients informed about the vulnerabilities of the medical devices they make use of.